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Heritage & Territory

Through the collaboration of three chefs from different backgroud, GU·CINA is here to present an original and quality menu of Chinese cuisine, while taking also the rich territory of Italy into consideration, in order to create a kitchen of quality for everyone.

Chinese cuisine for us is an instrument of brotherhood and cultural communication between people of both two places, and through our food, while intorducing the greatness of local ingredients with a different cuisine, to provide a different aspect of looking deeply into two cultures which are as ancient as each other.


Karl WU

Cooking is a way of conveying ideas, chefs should pour their thoughts on the relationship between man and nature in the dishes.


Valentino LIN

When we cook, we should think much further, not only about the taste, but also the healthy facts and nutrition mix. 



Sharing the amazing things with guests, and let them discover the history and cultural behind a different cuisine, through this, we bring people together.



I believe the love of food is a common language which can connect people from different background.


A space of culture

GU·CINA is born to share delicious Chinese cuisine, but that’s not the whole picture.


In GU·CINA, we are intend to provide an whole journey of Chinese culture from music and design to tea tasting and cultural event, we start with the food and end with the storytelling of 5000 years Chinese culture.


Cultural heritage passed down by our ancestors can be tangible or intangible. This is the foundation on which we stand, and the inspiration and wealth we wish to share 

“GU” is the relative of the present.
From modern to traditional,
From ancient recipes to contemporary thoughts,
Taste the fusion.

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